Want Top Dollar When You Sell Your Home? And - How to Get It!

Want Top Dollar When You Sell Your Home? And - How to Get It!


Walk your home as a buyer. Address any known issues prior to inspection if possible. These most likely will come up on the inspection later and usually shows up at an escalated price by the inspection company. Take care of it in advance, and avoid a headache later. Remove any oversized furniture and make the rooms look as big as possible. CLEAN your home. Put in some elbow grease and clean everything. Baseboards, replace old dated light fixtures and fans. A fresh coat of paint is the best money spent. Paint your front door, and change the hardware. Spruce up your landscaping, mulch, and de-clutter all areas. If something is dark in the house, like a highlighted wall, Paint it. Neutral is best. Clean up pet areas. If possible, make it look and smell like there is no pet.


A well-branded marketing strategy with professional photography and videography coupled with a strong social media presence will drive buyers and Realtors® to your property. Once listed: Please allow Realtors® to show your home. Too many restrictions to show can turn off the buyers and the Realtors® and they may take you off of their list. Install a secure lockbox if possible, so so as not to miss any showings. And we strongly suggest you leave the home and take your children and your pets too, if possible. The buyers feel most comfortable without the seller’s home.


When pricing your home, we encourage you to price your home in the striking zone. Remember, not all comparables are created equal. If you are basing the value of a home on your street with impact glass and a new roof, you will need to make modifications to your pricing. Many sellers choose to leave wiggle room. It is far more powerful to price right from the start, and if the property is worth more, it will be evident with the buyers swarming the property. These steps combined, especially in today’s face-paced market can bring you top dollar, in less time.
Keep in mind, there are always loopholes in everything and areas of concern. If your home is priced right and show-ready. But remember, not all offers are created equal. If financing is involved there is always an appraisal. This can derail. the entire transaction. A seller needs to consider the following items when choosing the best choice.

Quality of the Buyer

Is the buyer approved or pre-qualified and by what institution? Home much earnest money are they putting down? How long are the dates for the mortgage and inspections? So, know that the real estate market news is impressive, let us know if you are ready to sell.

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