How to Prep a Home To Sell Faster

How to Prep a Home To Sell Faster

When Selling a Home

The preparation to make it as visually appealing as possible is of the utmost importance. This may not only help a home sell faster, but also achieve a higher selling price than if it were not prepped. The following are eight tips on how to prepare a home for sale
  1. Declutter, donate, and depersonalize the home: As bittersweet as it may be, the home you are selling is now a product that needs to be marketed so buyers can see themselves living in Store items such as family photos, trinkets, religious and political items, mail, magazine stacks, urns, etc. out of sight. However, if the prospective buyer has a family, it may not hurt to leave out a few kids’ toys to make the home feel welcoming.
  2. Remove extra or oversized furniture, and take down outdated, dusty drapes: Buyers want modern, clean lines and transitional decor. HGTV and DIY networks have had a huge influence on buyer
  3. Refresh the interior paint: Don’t use white, but rather a muted pastel or light earthy tones. Keep it classic and simple. If you haven’t painted in over five years, or if your walls look dated, yellow, red, or dark in color, lighten them up with a neutral color.
  4. Update the lighting: If your overhead lights are warm yellow or low-watt bulbs, change them to daylight or LED. Remove dated fans and chandeliers, and replace them with stylish, modern ones. If it’s not in your budget to update the lighting, then cap your existing lights off.
  5. Clean … everything! Pick up a bottle of Zero Odor, which helps to neutralize smells. This can be used on floors, baseboards, cabinets, windows, and more. Sherwin- Williams’ Enhanced Harmony® paint is another great choice to reduce odors.
  6. Repair, replace, and remove: Repair things that may concern Get a pre-inspection to identify any issues that need to be addressed. Replace or remove worn items in the home such as area rugs, worn towels, bedding, and pillows.
  7. Listen to your Realtor's® and/or home stager’s advice: You have hired these professionals to help you sell your Let them do their job so you can sell your house in the least amount of time for the highest price possible.
  8. Emotionally disassociate yourself from the house: It’s not your home anymore. You want to sell this home, so be kind, and be available to your Realtors® for showings. A happy home is a sold home. Last minute tidbit: What are some current trends that appeal to buyers? Incorporating natural materials, such as incorporating stone inside and out, and using wood. Plus, black or charcoal gray front doors, as well as tuxedo kitchen cabinets, and white walls and cabinets with a dark island in the kitchen, are all very appealing. Take these tips into account when prepping your home, making the effort to accomplish these small goals may result in a quick sale with a great selling price.

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